Association between the dietary inflammatory index and all-cause mortality in colorectal cancer long-term survivors.

TitelAssociation between the dietary inflammatory index and all-cause mortality in colorectal cancer long-term survivors.
MedientypJournal Article
Jahr der Veröffentlichung2019
AutorenRatjen I, Shivappa N, Schafmayer C, Burmeister G, Nöthlings U, Hampe J, Hébert JR, Lieb W, Schlesinger S
JournalInt J Cancer
Datum der Veröffentlichung2019 03 15
SchlüsselwörterAdult, Aged, Biomarkers, Biopsy, Cancer Survivors, Colorectal Neoplasms, Diet, Female, Follow-Up Studies, Humans, Incidence, Inflammation, Male, Middle Aged, Prospective Studies, Risk Factors, Self Report, Survival Analysis

<p>Pro-inflammatory dietary factors have been shown to be associated with the incidence of a range of cancers. However, there are many fewer studies on the association between the inflammatory potential of diet and survival after cancer diagnosis. We examined the association between post-diagnosis dietary inflammatory index (DII®) scores and all-cause mortality in long-term survivors of colorectal cancer (CRC). DII scores were calculated from dietary data of 1,404 CRC survivors collected at a median of 6 years after CRC diagnosis. Using multivariable-adjusted Cox proportional hazards regression models, hazard ratios (HR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were estimated for the association of DII scores, modeled continuous and in quartiles, with all-cause mortality. After a median follow-up time of 7 years (after dietary assessment), 204 study participants had died. Overall, in the fully adjusted model there was a suggestion of a positive association between DII score and all-cause mortality (HR : 1.36; 95% CI: 0.88-2.09 and HR : 1.08; 95% CI: 0.97-1.20). However, in subgroup analyses, we found significant differences in individuals with metastatic disease (HR : 1.34; 95% CI: 1.07-1.67) and the absence of stoma (HR : 1.15; 95% CI: 1.02-1.29). Overall, the post-diagnosis DII was not statistically significantly associated with all-cause mortality in CRC long-term survivors; however, there was suggestive evidence of an association in select subgroups.</p>

Alternate JournalInt. J. Cancer
PubMed ID30303515
Grant ListR44DK103377 / / United States National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Disease / International