Biobanks in the Era of Digital Medicine.

TitelBiobanks in the Era of Digital Medicine.
MedientypJournal Article
Jahr der Veröffentlichung2017
AutorenJacobs G, Wolf A, Krawczak M, Lieb W
JournalClin Pharmacol Ther
Datum der Veröffentlichung2017 Dec 29

Digitalization is currently permeating virtually all sectors of modern societies, including biomedical research and medical care. At the same time, biobanks engaged in the long-term storage of biological samples that are fit for purpose have become key drivers in both fields. The present article highlights some of the challenges and opportunities that biobanking is facing in the current proverbial "era of digitalization."

Alternate JournalClin. Pharmacol. Ther.
PubMed ID29285753